Exam week is here, GAH!
Have you spent the last few weeks trying to get away from revising for your an exam or 3? Procrastination is becoming second nature? We’ve got ourselves a little list on how to ensure that your free time is less stressed.

Netflix & Chill

With Friends now on Netflix, it’s even harder not to just watch one episode. Or put a documentary on thats linked to revision topics.. That will justify your wasted time. Sure.

Cook some Dinner

Cooking dinner for your housemates is a good way to get people together but also much cheaper than going out! Get creative and channel your inner Gordon Ramsey!

If you’re going to waste time, why not be productive.

Cleaning, those dishes aren’t going to do themselves. The bathroom won’t get cleaned by someone else. Take 10 minutes out of your day and get it over with.

If all of the above fails then it’s time to head out…

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